One dead in ferry sinking in Bahamas

Police officials in the Bahamas have confirmed that one person was killed after a ferry sank in rough seas just north-east of the capital Nassau on Tuesday, November 14.

The unidentified female victim, a 75-year-old American national, was one of over 100 passengers on a double-decker ferry being used to transport cruise guests from Nassau’s Paradise Island to nearby Blue Lagoon Island shortly after 09:30 local time on Tuesday.

Videos taken by some of the passengers at the time of the incident showed people panicking, donning lifejackets, and clinging to one side of the ferry as it took on water and began to tilt. In another video, passengers can be seen jumping into the sea and swimming towards a nearby small boat.

Emergency response personnel from Blue Lagoon Island arrived in the area to render assistance. No serious injuries have been reported among the ferry’s other occupants, though two passengers were later brought to hospital for treatment.

Several of the ferry’s crew were hysterical at the time of the incident and were therefore unable to provide instructions on evacuating safely, one passenger claimed via a social media post.

Authorities have since launched an investigation into the circumstances leading to the victim’s death.

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