Norway gears up for world’s first hybrid catamarans in commercial traffic

One of Norway’s largest ferry operators, Norled has ordered two 24-metre hybrid catamarans from the Norwegian shipyard GS Marine.

Equipped with a plug-in hybrid Servogear Ecoflow propulsor solution, they will be the world’s first hybrid catamarans used in commercial traffic.

Designed by naval architect Ingebjørn Aasheim, the catamarans will be built in lightweight carbon sandwich, and operate at 20 knots. They will use batteries when driving close to shore.

Up to a certain speed, the gearboxes with electro motors will be powered by batteries. The diesel engines will be used to achieve top speed.  

Both 86-passenger vessels will operate routes at Røværsambandet from January 1, 2019.

The Haugesund to Røvær service will run with a hybrid installation.

The Feøy to Haugesund to Kveitevik service will run with diesel until it is fitted with a hybrid installation.

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