Major rebuild for Sardinian timber tourist boat

The wooden sightseeing vessel Uragano I arrived in Cesenatico, Italy, on October 20, 2019, after a 1,000-nautical-mile trip from Santa Teresa Gallura in Sardinia four days before.

It is currently being rebuilt and updated, and the main works will include the complete renovation of the superstructure.

All the components of the lounge and the wheelhouse have already been demolished and removed, with the reconstruction process starting this past December.

The new structures will have a modern and more data-driven design, in order to improve the free space on board, making the most of the 27-metre hull. This was completely sandblasted before entering the Boschetti Shipyard building, to check its health, which was excellent.

The renewed Uragano I will be equipped with two new toilets, a bar area and a kitchen on the two sides of the stern. A double staircase, in the centre of the stern, will allow access to the sun deck. The lounge will be furnished with three rows of tables, and two passages that lead to the exit doors at the bow. The new wheelhouse will have a reverse windscreen design to improve visibility.

Electrical and plumbing systems will be completely rebuilt, as well as all the handrails and steel components on board. The completion of the work is scheduled for April 2020, when the renewed Uragano I will return to Santa Teresa di Gallura for the beginning of the tourist season.

Gabriele Zambianchi

Gabriele Zambianchi was born in 1986 in Lecco, a beautiful town located on the east branch of the Como Lake. As a child, spending his holidays in Rimini, a tourist vocation city on the Adriatic Sea, he discovered his passion for passenger vessels. He has written for Baird Maritime and Italian magazine Il Battelliere - Nautica Professionale since 2013.