River cruise ship spills over 3,000 litres of diesel into Rhine

Image: MarineTraffic.com/William Hill
Image: MarineTraffic.com/William Hill – Amadante

More than 3,000 litres of diesel fuel were accidentally spilled into the Rhine River by a passenger vessel in Rüdesheim, Germany, in the late evening of Saturday, April 27.

The diesel that had spilled from the Swiss-flagged river cruise ship Amadante has reportedly stretched out to a length of 28 kilometres in the direction of Koblenz.

The crew claimed that the spill occurred as they were transferring diesel from one fuel tank to another on board the vessel.

The Provincial Water Police Force (Wasserschutzpolizei; WSP) and the Waterway Transport Prosecutor’s Office in Mainz have launched an investigation into the incident.

Amadante was sailing from Basel to Nuremberg with 180 passengers when the spill occurred.

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