Installation completed on China’s largest floating wind turbine

Photo: China Classification Society

Installation work has been completed on a new type of floating wind turbine generator platform developed in China.

Designed for installation in deep-sea waters, the platform has a length of 72 metres, a beam of 80 metres, a design draught of 18 metres, and a tower height of 78 metres. Each of the turbine blades has a lengh of 74 metres.

The 6.2MW turbine was built with typhoon-resilient features while the mooring system adopts a nine-point arrangement wherein each of the three columns has three dedicated mooring lines sharing the same anchoring foundation.

China Classification Society (CCS), which assisted in the design and construction of the platform and its mooring system, said it is the largest floating wind turbine in China.

The platform is installed in a water depth of 65 metres in the Qiongzhou Strait of the South China Sea. The platform is connected to the seabed and is connected via submarine cables to the second phase of the Wailuo offshore wind farm.

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