Three killed, one injured after fire breaks out on OSV off Mumbai

Photo: Indian Coast Guard

Three people were killed in a fire incident on an offshore supply vessel (OSV) in the Arabian Sea off India over the weekend.

The Indian-flagged Greatship Rohini was in the Mumbai High oil field some 92 nautical miles northwest of Mumbai with 18 crewmembers aboard when a blaze ignited in its engine room at approximately 03:30 local time on Saturday, February 13.

The Indian Coast Guard then immediately deployed vessels, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters to aid in search and rescue (SAR) and firefighting operations.

Fifteen of the OSV’s crew were safely rescued by the responding coast guard personnel. One crewmember suffered burn injuries and had to be airlifted to a shore hospital.

Another OSV subsequently arrived in the area and remained on standby until finally being cleared to tow Greatship Rohini to Mumbai.

The blaze was extinguished later in the day on Saturday. However, SAR teams were unable to board the OSV until the following morning.

Three of Greatship Rohini‘s crew who went missing as the fire spread through their vessel were later found dead. The bodies of two of the deceased individuals were reportedly burned beyond recognition while the third crewman suffered less severe burns.

The coast guard said it is continuing to monitor the situation aboard the OSV as it is being towed to Mumbai.

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