UDS plans newbuild DCSV

UDS, which owns Picasso, has plans to expand its fleet with a new build diving support construction vessel.

Ultra Deep Solutions (UDS) will begin building in 2018 a vessel it describes as, “the first diving support construction vessel (DCSV) energy surplus hybrid diving vessel”.

Aiming to cut daily fuel costs by 50 per cent, CEO Shel Hutton posted on Facebook that the vessel would be designed with 15,000KW of power to operate at, “our standard working depth of 3,000 metres”.

Accommodating 145 POB, the vessel will have a 250-tonne active heave-compensated (AHC) crane to 3,000 metres and a 24-men saturation system capable of working to a depth of 450 metres.

The ship will also have two work-class remotely operated underwater vehicles.

“Our goals have been simple from the beginning. We have worked on the hybrid designs for years now. And we have finally got something we like,” said Mr Hutton.

“Our end game will be zero emissions.”

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