Singaporean builder launches new crewboat series

Photo: One2Three Naval Architects/Strategic Marine

Singaporean shipbuilder Strategic Marine has introduced a new series of 38-metre fast catamaran crewboat.

Stategic Marine said the series was designed in collaboration with Australia-based One2Three Naval Architects and incorporates direct feedback from customers.

Each crewboat will be able to transport 80 passengers and crew at speeds of up to 40 knots courtesy of four Caterpillar C32 engines driving waterjets. The seating and accommodation area has been arranged to be in the midships of the vessels to reduce slamming and pitching motion, ensuring that the occupants are as comfortable as possible.

Transfers will be done primarily with the aid of a motion compensated gangway, though the stern and the bow will be of different heights above the water to also enable swing rope transfers.

The vessel has been designed with a large open deck that covers a third of the vessel length to give space for manoeuvres. The area can also be fitted with a basket transfer crane, which winches crew up and down to the offshore installation if necessary.

The crewboat will have a resilient mounted superstructure that sits on a rubber base to insulate the passenger accommodation from noise.

A silicone antifouling coating will also be applied to the vessel. The coating has proven to be effective in preventing biofilm from adhering to vessel hulls with no biocide leaching into the water.

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