Offshore Vessel News Roundup | March 28 – French crewboats, a hydrogen-powered cable-lay vessel and more

Offshore Vessel News Roundup | March 28 – French crewboats, a hydrogen-powered cable-lay vessel and more

New crewboats have been delivered to separate operators in France while a UK offshore wind support specialist places orders for low-emission vessels. Two Dutch design firms have unveiled a new type of cable-laying ship that will be partially powered by hydrogen.

GE Renewables acquires second crewboat in series

<em>Photo: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs</em>
Photo: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

France's GE Renewables has taken delivery of an offshore wind maintenance crewboat built by local shipyard OCEA to a design by naval architecture firm Mauric.

The 26.7-metre-long Capti'vent is the second in a series that also includes Inno'vent. The vessel has all-aluminium construction, a battery hybrid propulsion system, space for three crewmembers and 24 passengers, and a semi-SWATH hull shape that ensures enhanced seakeeping and enables transfers to and from offshore wind turbines even in significant wave heights of up to two metres.

The crewboat will be operated by LD Tide, a joint venture company formed by Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) and UK-based Tidal Transit.

France's Atlantique Maritime Services expands crewboat fleet

<em>Photo: Piriou</em>
Photo: Piriou

French shipowner Atlantique Maritime Services (AMS) has taken delivery of a new crewboat built by compatriot company Piriou.

Named JLD Virginie, the vessel was constructed in Piriou's Vietnam shipyard and will serve offshore wind customers in France and other European countries.

The crewboat has a length of 27 metres, seating for up to 24 technicians, and a propulsion system that can be configured to accommodate a hybrid electric setup in future.

Dutch firms unveil new design of cable-laying vessel

<em>Photo: Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design</em>
Photo: Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design

Dutch engineering companies HMC and Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design have unveiled the first images of a new cable-laying vessel.

The 110- by 30-metre vessel will have a 2,400-square-metre main deck, accommodations for 50 crew and other personnel, tanks for storing liquefied hydrogen (LH2), a 9,000-tonne cable carousel, several cranes, and a 100-tonne A-frame.

The chosen propulsion system is a diesel-electric arrangement that will also include dual-fuel generators prepared to use up to 80 per cent LH2. The arrangement was selected in response to market demand for reduced CO2 emissions during cable-lay operations.

Purus Wind orders eight windfarm support vessels

<em>Photo: Damen</em>
Photo: Damen

UK-based Purus Wind has awarded the Damen Shipyards Group a contract for the construction of eight windfarm support vessels.

Under the contract, Damen will supply Purus with four 27-metre and three 32-metre fast hybrid crewboats and one 90-metre construction service operation vessel (CSOV). The 32-metre crewboats and the CSOV are designed to be fitted with methanol-fuelled engines once these become available.

The vessels are scheduled to be delivered between 2024 and 2027.

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