VESSEL REVIEW | Manyang Anlan – Chinese crane vessel with oil spill response capability

Photo: China Classification Society

Chinese shipowner Zhejiang Manyang Shipbuilding Engineering has taken delivery of a multi-role engineering and emergency response vessel built by compatriot company Taizhou Haibin Shipbuilding.

Manyang Anlan will perform duties that include port and marine engineering, offshore construction, pipeline maintenance, cable laying, oil spill response, salvage, search and rescue, dive support, and support for unmanned craft operations. Design work on the vessel was completed in compliance to China Classification Society rules to ensure safe operation even under harsh weather and sea conditions.

The newbuild has an LOA of 79.8 metres, a beam of 19.2 metres, a design draught of three metres, a depth of 5.5 metres, and a displacement of 4,339 tonnes. A propulsion system of two main engines driving propellers delivers a speed of eight knots and a range of 2,500 nautical miles.

The vessel is fitted with a fully rotating crane mounted on the forward deck with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes, a midships moonpool for use by divers, and port and starboard oil spill recovery tanks with a total capacity of approximately 345 cubic metres below the main deck.

The bulk of the pollution recovery equipment is installed at the stern and also includes facilities for deploying unmanned aerial vehicles that can work in conjunction with the vessel’s own radar in locating and identifying oil spills on the surface of the sea. The spill recovery equipment, which also features equipment designed specifically for the recovery of heavy fuel oil, can collect 200 cubic metres in one hour.

Manyang Anlan will be operated in the waters of Zhejiang province, particularly in the Zhejiang portion of the Yangtze River Delta.

Manyang Anlan
Type of vessel: Crane vessel
Classification: China Classification Society
Flag: China
Owner: Zhejiang Manyang Shipbuilding Engineering, China
Builder: Taizhou Haibin Shipbuilding, China
Length overall: 79.8 metres
Beam: 19.2 metres
Draught: 3.0 metres
Depth: 5.5 metres
Displacement: 4,339 tonnes
Capacity: 345 cubic metres
Main engines: 2
Propulsion: 2 x propellers
Maximum speed: 8.0 knots
Range: 2,500 nautical miles
Other equipment installed: Moonpool
Operational area: Yangtze River Delta, China

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