VESSEL REVIEW | Huaxi 1600 – Large-capacity turbine installation vessel enters service in China

Photo: China Classification Society

Chinese offshore construction company the Jiangsu Huaxi Industrial Group (JHIG) recently added a new installation vessel to its fleet.

Classed by China Classification Society and built by JHIG wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangsu Huaxicun Offshore Engineering Service, Huaxi 1600 is a self-elevating platform that will support installation activities at offshore wind farms. Specifically, the vessel is designed for the transport and installation of wind turbines of up to 16 MW in capacity and their associated components.

The platform has all-steel construction, a length of 136 metres, a beam of 50 metres, a draught of 6.2 metres, a depth of 10 metres, and four truss pile legs as part of a rack and pinion lifting system that will allow installation to be performed in water depths of as much as 70 metres. The pile legs each measure 125.85 metres long and can be extended fully within three hours.

Thanks to a working deck with a total area of 4,500 square metres, up to 6,500 tonnes of cargo or the equivalent of four 8MW or two 16MW wind turbines can be carried and installed in one voyage, allowing the operator to complete fewer trips. A DP2 system will operate in conjunction with three 2,500kW azimuthing thrusters and three 1,500kW side thrusters to ensure accurate station keeping even under Beaufort Force six conditions. Actual installation will be performed using a fully rotating main crane with a lifting capacity of 1,600 tonnes and a smaller, electrically-driven auxiliary crane that can lift 250 tonnes.

The vessel has a service speed of 7.5 knots and a range of 3,000 nautical miles, allowing large-scale installation activities to be undertaken further offshore.

The superstructure includes accommodation spaces for 110 crewmembers distributed across four decks. These spaces include cabins, galleys, mess areas, conference rooms, medical bays, fitness centres, and entertainment lounges.

Design work on Huaxi 1600 was provided by the 708 Research Institute of the China Shipbuilding Group.

Huaxi 1600
Type of vessel: Wind turbine installation vessel
Classification: China Classification Society
Flag: China
Owner: Jiangsu Huaxi Industrial Group, China
Designer: 708 Research Institute, China
Builder: Jiangsu Huaxicun Offshore Engineering Service, China
Hull construction material: Steel
Superstructure construction material: Steel
Deck construction material: Steel
Length overall: 136 metres
Beam: 50 metres
Draught: 6.2 metres
Depth: 10 metres
Capacity: 6,500 tonnes
Propulsion: 3 x 2,500 kW
Side thrusters: 3 x 1,500 kW
Cruising speed: 7.5 knots
Range: 3,000 nautical miles
Dynamic positioning: DP2
Cranes: 2
Other equipment installed: 4 x truss pile legs
Accommodation: Cabins; galleys; mess areas; conference rooms; medical bays; fitness centres; entertainment lounges
Crew: 110

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