New system to ensure safe aircraft/UAV takeoffs and landings on ships

A Russian company has developed a system to monitor aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) takeoff and landing onboard ships and offshore engineering structures.

A team at the Krylov State Research Centre (KSRC) has been developing a prototype of the system to ensure safe takeoff and landing of helicopters and UAVs.

The centre has developed technology enabling non-contact measurement of air flow near air strips taking into account the peculiarities of flow around the superstructures of ships and offshore structures, and generation of separation areas. If all goes well, the system will be able to display real-time data on airflow structure in takeoff and landing areas.

The Krylov Centre has also developed technology to predict air flow patterns depending on increased/reduced wind velocity and varying ship heading and motion speed. The system predicts ship or platform kinematic parameters (amplitude and speed) to ensure accident-free landing and takeoff on moving targets.

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