US Navy bans alcohol consumption in Japan

The US Navy has temporarily banned alcohol consumption for all sailors in Japan in response to a recent spate of alcohol-related incidents.

“Effective immediately, Sailors are prohibited from drinking alcohol, on and off base. Additionally, all off-base liberty will be curtailed,” a statement from the navy read.

“The overwhelming majority of our sailors are doing an outstanding job every single day,” said Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin, C7F. “But that same majority – at every paygrade – is also responsible for providing leadership on all levels. We will not condone misconduct that impacts our ability to conduct our mission or which jeopardises our critical alliance with Japan.”

Sailors who live off base will be permitted to travel to and from work and engage in official actions including childcare drop-off and pickup, trips to the grocery store, gas stations or the gym.

The bans will remain in effect until face-to-face training has been conducted with all personnel.