FEATURE | China - Vietnam standoff in the South China Sea

A major standoff between Vietnamese and Chinese paramilitary vessels is underway off Vanguard Bank, situated southeast of Vietnam, in the South China Sea (SCS). The confrontation follows earlier reports of China Coast Guard (CCG) ships harassing Vietnamese and Malaysian vessels, which were carrying out gas and oil prospecting missions in the area.

LR to participate in Chinese LNG carrier newbuilding project

Lloyd's Register (LR) has signed an agreement with COSCO Shipping LNG Investment Shanghai, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, Jiangnan Shipyard Group, the Marine Design and Research Institute of China (MARIC), Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute (SSSRI), and China Classification Society (CCS) to design and develop the first unit in a new series of LNG carrier with a GTT Mark III membrane containment system.

China's two largest shipbuilders to merge

China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), the two largest shipbuilding companies in China, are set to merge in line with the aim of the country's shipbuilding sector to become more competitive in global markets.

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