Iranian naval vessels repel pirate attack in Red Sea

The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) has successfully foiled an attempt by pirates to board an Iranian-flagged merchant vessel while underway in the Red Sea, a senior military official confirmed recently.

Rear Admiral Mustafa Tajeddini, IRIN Deputy Head of Operations, said in an interview on state television that the frigate IRIS Jamaran and a number of other vessels were deployed in response to a call for help by the crew of the unnamed Iranian ship.

The ship’s crew said they were being harassed by armed men on skiffs.

Upon arriving in the area, the navy crews engaged the individuals on the skiffs, resulting in a heavy exchange of gunfire. The attacking skiffs departed the area minutes later.

The IRIN crews were unable to confirm whether the firefight resulted in any damage to the suspect vessels.

Tajeddini did not provide details on the identity of the targeted Iranian vessel or the group to which the attackers may have belonged.

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