Indian research ship catches fire off Mangalore

Image: Indian Coast Guard
Image: Indian Coast Guard

A fire broke out on an Indian fishery and oceanographic research vessel in the waters off Mangalore at around 22:00 local time on Friday, March 15.

The crew of Sagar Sampada were carrying out research work 30 nautical miles from the Mangalore coast when the blaze erupted.

The Indian Coast Guard received the distress signal from Sagar Sampada and despatched the patrol vessels ICGS Sujay and ICGS Vikram to the scene of the incident to contain the blaze.

The fire was declared extinguished by the early morning hours of the following day. No injuries were reported among the 16 scientists and 30 crewmembers.

Despite the damage, the research vessel was able to sail under its own power and reach New Mangalore Port by afternoon with ICGS Vikram serving as escort.

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