New landing craft, and export success for MST at Seawork 2019


Prolific civil and military workboat builder MST had a strong presence at the recent Seawork 2019 exhibition in Southampton, UK. Core of the MST display was the ILC 800 RIB landing craft.

The ILC 800 is designed to provide cost- effective water crossing capability, in areas where there is little support infrastructure for such operations. Readily deployable from ships, land vehicles or aircraft, the eight-metre craft’s collars can be inflated in situ. It is suitable for the conveyance of civilian and military personnel, stores and vehicles.

It is powered by one or two outboard combustion or electric motors, and is both stable and highly manoeuvrable. The ILC 800 is available in four beam sizes, features a bow ramp, and can carry a payload of three tonnes.

Also, MST announced a major export success in the form of an order from its Japanese agents, URA, for 36 workboats of an as-yet-unspecified type. The boats are due to be delivered by mid-2020.