New support ship delivered to Italian Navy

The Italian Navy logistic support ship Vulcano (Photo: Fincantieri)
The Italian Navy logistic support ship Vulcano (Photo: Fincantieri)

Fincantieri delivered a new logistic support ship to the Italian Navy in a ceremony in Muggiano on Friday, March 12.

Vulcano will operate primarily as a supply and at-sea replenishment vessel that can transport ammunition, spare parts, food, fresh water, diesel, and aviation fuel in support of deployed Italian Navy task forces. It is also equipped with hospital facilities including operating rooms, radiology and analysis rooms, a dental clinic, and rooms that can house up to 17 seriously injured patients.

The vessel will also be capable of search and rescue (SAR), vessel repair and maintenance, intelligence gathering, electronic warfare, and at-sea retrieval and salvage with the aid of a 30-tonne stabilised crane. It can also operate as a floating power plant that can supply 2,500 kW of electricity to shore-based users.

Vulcano has a length of 193 metres, space for 235 crew and other specialists, and a speed of 20 knots.

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