Focus on Maritime Security

Focus on Maritime Security

Photo: US Coast Guard

This week, we look at some of the newest vessels entering service with various defence and security operators around the world. Our lineup includes support vessels for US and French operators but is otherwise dominated by patrol and surveillance assets for both naval and non-naval users from Africa and the Middle East to more temperate regions in Western Europe and North America.

Assault Craft • Interceptors • Patrol • Police • Coast Guard • Naval

The designs also cover a broad selection, from conventional-hulled ships best suited for the open sea to smaller inflatable craft versatile enough to also be deployed in inland waterways.

The maritime security sector continues to provide opportunities for innovation as regards vessel design and construction, and readers of Baird Maritime will be assured that these developments are adequately covered.

Vessel Reviews:

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COLUMN | Beijing seeking new naval alliances [Naval Gazing]

– “There is little doubt that in engaging in trilateral exercises with two of America’s most implacable foes, Beijing was sending a strong message to Washington.”

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, former UK Royal Navy officer and Baird Maritime‘s resident maritime security expert and columnist

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We are after:

  • Vessels – Orders, new deliveries, under construction
  • Gear – Latest innovations and technology in the maritime security vessel sector
  • Interviews – Owners, operators, water police, navies, coast guards etc.
  • Reminiscences – Do you have any exciting, amusing or downright dangerous anecdotes from your time in the maritime security world? (example here)
  • Other – Any other relevant news

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