Fincantieri delivers the submarine ‘Pietro Venuti’

The submarine ‘Pietro Venuti’ was delivered today at Fincantieri’s Muggiano Shipyard in Italy.

It is the third of the U212A Todaro-class, a series of four sister units which the Central Unit for Naval Armament (NAVARM) has ordered from Fincantieri for the Italian Navy.

The submarine and its twin vessel, ‘Romeo Romei’, have a surface displacement of 1,509 tonnes, an overall length of 55.9 metres, a maximum diameter of seven metres, and can exceed 16 knots underwater. It has a 27-person crew. The submarine is entirely built with amagnetic material, and uses modern silencing techniques to reduce its acoustic signature.

The ‘Venuti’s’ construction is around one year ahead of the ‘Romeo Romei’, currently under construction at Muggiano. These vessels will replace the Navy’s Sauro-class ‘Prini’ and ‘Pelosi’ submarines, built in the late 1980s.