Damen releases new model of line assistance vessel

Damen has just introduced the Responder 5413-class first line assistance vessel. Damen says it designed this versatile, 54-metre vessel partly in response to the increasing number of extreme weather events across the globe, believing it can play a vital role as a first response vessel, capable of assisting a relief or emergency operation in a number of ways.

Designed for unrestricted service, the vessel demonstrates proven seakeeping behaviour. The Damen Responder 5413 is based on the Multi Purpose Vessel (MPV) 5413, four of which were delivered to the offshore survey, geotechnical and seabed geophysical services company, Fugro, for use as surveying vessels.

The carefully considered layout includes a spacious aft deck, providing multiple container stowage possibilities, a RHIB in a slipway for fast and safe access to and from the vessel, crane capacity, and ample working areas.

The Damen Responder 5413 also has extended spaces for medical treatment, recovery and quarantine, and has an operations room, fitted with global communication equipment.

Depending on the emergency, the Damen Responder can be fitted with containerised and/or modular equipment tailored to the specific needs of the incident. The vessel has fixed positions for three 20-foot containers.

Containers can be easily mounted on the aft deck and can be utilised for modular workshop/storage; oil recovery equipment; diving equipment; fire fighting equipment; water making equipment; or electrical power generation.

The vessel is capable of operating in relatively shallow waters and has a crane capacity of 10 tonnes at 12 metres.

Alex Baird

Alex Baird is the Managing Director of Baird Maritime