Six Hugin AUVs simultaneously venture beyond 5,000m

Operators observe each AUV on InfinityView as it descends.

Ocean Infinity has simultaneously surpassed a water depth of 5,200 metres with six Hugin autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).

The company said it believed this was the deepest dive undertaken by multiple AUVs on a commercial basis and was also a first for six Hugin AUVs to simultaneously descend further than 5,000 metres.

Ocean Infinity said it had performed sea trials since July at five different locations using the multiple AUV fleet all launched, monitored, and recovered from a 115-metre multiple purposes offshore vessel.

Operators aboard the vessel used the custom mission-planning software InfinityView, developed by 4D Nav.

The Hugin AUV is rated for a water depth of 6,000 metres. It has an endurance of about 48 hours.

Ocean Infinity plans to descend to the 6,000 metres with eight AUVs by mid-2018.

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