International Submarine Engineering’s newest AUV sold to COMRA

Canada-based underwater systems and robotics manufacturer International Submarine Engineering (ISE) has sold its latest ISE Explorer AUV to China Ocean Mineral Resource R&D Association (COMRA).

This ISE Explorer AUV is the first rated for operations at 6,000 metres depth.

The modular design of the ISE Explorer enables it to carry multiple payloads in its spacious, swappable, and customisable payload section including multibeam echosounders, sidescan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, synthetic aperture sonars, high-definition cameras and laser systems, CTDs and chemical sensors, or any combination of AUV payloads.

Additional battery sections can be added to extend the endurance from 24 hours up to 72 hours.

The ISE Explorer is manoeuvrable enough to make tight turns, avoid obstacles, and dive steeply. It also has high survey speed and a 3-hour turnaround time on deck.

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