Netherlands’ Tiel-Waardenburg dyke reinforcement works awarded to Mekante Diek consortium

Photo: Van Oord

The Rivierenland Water Board (RWB) of the eastern Netherlands city of Almelo has awarded the Tiel-Waardenburg dyke reinforcement project to the Mekante Diek consortium, a collaboration between Ploegam, Van Oord, and Dura Vermeer.

The Waal River dyke between Tiel and Waardenburg is to be reinforced over a length of more than 19 kilometres to meet the current safety standard to ensure residents in nearby communities are protected from flooding.

In the second half of 2021, the consortium will start the design phase of the project in partnership with the RWB. In 2023, works will start with the implementation, after which the dyke will be high water-safe by October 2026.

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