Marine Projects Vessel News Roundup | October 28 – River dredgers for Niger and China, large floating crane for US Army

Recent deliveries include a crane vessel for the US Army Corps of Engineers and inland dredgers for operators based in Missouri, Belgium, and China.

US Army Corps of Engineers takes delivery of new crane barge

Photo: USACE/Andre M. Hampton

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has taken delivery of a new crane barge built by Metal Trades of South Carolina.

Kolber was designed jointly by the USACE and TAI Engineers of New Orleans. It will be operated by the corps’ Buffalo District.

The vessel honours Jonathan E. Kolber, who had worked with the Buffalo District as a civil engineer for over 35 years.

Electric dredger supplied to Missouri park operator

Photo: Ellicott Dredge Technologies

Ellicott Dredge Technologies, through its Mud Cat division, recently handed over a new electric dredger to Hannibal Parks and Recreation of the city of Hannibal, Missouri.

The dredger will be used in the removal of sediment from the stretch of the Mississippi River that passes through Hannibal Marina. The sediment will then be transferred to an approved disposal site.

The marina maintenance dredging works are being carried out upon the conclusion of each year’s boating season as mandated by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Belgium’s Denys to deploy river dredger in Niger

Photo: Royal IHC

Belgian construction company Denys recently purchased a new cutter suction dredger (CSD) from Netherlands-based Royal IHC.

The vessel has a length of 12 metres, a draught of 0.96 metres, and a maximum dredging depth of six metres. Power is provided by a 294kW engine.

The CSD’s initial project involves restoration of water intake to a reservoir in Niger’s capital of Niamey to improve the availability of drinking water to the area’s residents.

New cutter suction dredger to help maintain Yangtze River

Chinese manufacturer HID Dredger has handed over a new cutter suction dredger (CSD) to an unnamed local customer.

The CSD will be used for maintenance dredging of the Yangtze River.

The dredger has an extraction capacity of 4,500 cubic metres per hour courtesy of a Cummins engine.

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