Maldives to receive first Royal IHC Easydredge 3700 from China

IHC has launched the Mahaa Jarraafu for the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) at the RMC shipyard in Qidong, China. The Easydredge 3700 model is the largest ship in IHC’s Easydredge series and the first trailing suction hopper dredger for MTCC.

The Mahaa Jarraafu will be used for land reclamation, infrastructure and beach nourishment projects on several islands and resorts in Asia. The activities will contribute to the growth of the tourism industry in the Maldives and give a positive boost to employment.

The acquisition of the Mahaa Jarraafu was strongly supported by the government in the Maldives and President Abdulla Yameen. The contract for the vessel was awarded in December 2014 with the keel laying occurring on August 25, 2016. Delivery is expected to occur in April 2017, just ahead of schedule.

Like all ships in the series, the Easydredge 3700 is equipped with the specially designed Easydredge dredging equipment, including an IHC dredge pump and a slender hull for increased speed and low fuel consumption.

In addition, Mahaa Jarraafu has a “world dredging” equipment package, which includes an adjustable overflow, bottom doors, jet water system and a shore pumping installation. This makes it a versatile trailing suction hopper dredger. The ship is also equipped with an extended suction pipe and an underwater pump that enables the vessel to dredge to a depth of 50 metres.

Andrew Baird

Experienced geologist and seabed mining entrepreneur, Andrew reviews cutting edge technology from around the world across a wide spectrum of industries, and considers their potential applications in the work boat world.