Hitler’s Admirals

Author: GH Bennett and R Bennett
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
Published: 2006

From Baird Maritime:

Hitler's admirals had a kind of schizophrenia forced upon them. Sworn to defend "the Fatherland" many were sceptical, to put it mildly, of Hitler and his philosophy of National Socialism.

The Bennetts, father and son, have captured and described this phenomenon brilliantly in this work. Essentially, it distills the long forgotten thoughts and views of a number of German admirals who were captured and held as prisoners of war at the end of World War II.

Members of British naval intelligence had very wisely persuaded the admirals to write down their comments. They were then apparently forgotten until the Bennetts discovered them in the archives decades later.

This is valuable and fascinating stuff. The naval intelligence officers who originally inspired the admirals to record their thoughts deserve praise. So, of course, do the Bennetts for bringing them to light.

In today's increasingly politicised war time decision making, there is much to be learned from the experiences of these gentlemen.

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