Heavy-lift hovercraft ready for charter


Hovertrans Solutions has completed the construction of a modular heavy-lift hovercraft, the first of its kind to be built in Singapore. The hovercraft, commonly referred to as a hoverbarge, is now ready for charter.

The vessel is ideal for industries such as oil and gas, heavy logistics industries as well as for civil engineering work in otherwise inaccessible or environmentally sensitive terrain. The Hoverbarge measures 34 metres by 17 metres with a 50-tonne payload. With a hover height of 1.8 metres, the Hoverbarge is able to operate in high sea conditions and overcome obstacles on land.

The craft is formed by joining specially designed modular ISO container-size pontoons with skirt pontoons and a lift fan and engine module. This modularity means the entire Hoverbarge can be trucked individually to inland areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to. It also allows for shipping via conventional container vessels – thus keeping mobilisation costs low.

Unlike conventional high-speed hovercraft, the Hoverbarge is constructed of steel to provide the ruggedness needed for the oil and gas sector. It is also designed for cold weather operations as low as -40 degrees Celsius. It can move heavy cargo or equipment over swamps, wetlands, tundra, ice, dry rivers and shallow water, opening up possibilities for oil and gas exploration and remote field development. A footprint of only 1 psi also allows operations in environmentally sensitive terrain.  

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