REMINISCENCES | The fog of lore

These days big containerships can be found rushing through thick fog in the Dover Straits at 23 knots, visibility nil and thinking nothing of the terror they spread around them aboard ships which are less well equipped. Fog at sea is still horrible stuff, but not as beastly as it used to be with our single primitive radar sets. Nobody really trusted this equipment, so it was dead slow ahead on the telegraphs, doubled up watches and lookouts forward, looking and listening for the sound signals of other ships, while our own siren blasted into the murk every couple of minutes. “Tense” was the word to describe it.

COLUMN | Shipwrecked captains get rich [Offshore Accounts]

Lotto tickets are typically a tax on the poor and stupid, who spend a disproportionate share of their much-needed income buying dreams of a better future, typically featuring yachts and sports cars, rather spending than their money on rent or clothing, and things they actually need.

EDITORIAL | 2018: A bad year for ferry fatalities

After a couple of good years in 2016 and 2017, 2018 saw a significant increase in ferry fatalities worldwide. From 549 “known” fatalities in 2016, the total increased to 748 in 2017 and then jumped dramatically to 1,082 in 2018.

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COLUMN | Don’t shoot the designer [Grey Power]

Ship design, we were brought up to believe is a matter of compromise – and lots of them! A shipowner, who, after all, is paying for the thing, requires a ship that can carry enormous quantities of cargo, has a miniscule thirst for fuel and can be manned by very few seafarers who don’t eat very much. And it must be cheap.

COLUMN | Christmas in the fast lane [Aft Lines]

I write this just before Christmas but I certainly won’t be the first to be celebrating, with the large fast ferry construction community no doubt thinking virtually all their Christmases have come at once.

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