All at Sea – The Maritime Art of Robert G. Lloyd


From Baird Maritime:

The still young(ish) Robert Lloyd is one of the modern world's most prolific marine painters. As with all successful artists, he paints for his market.

For the marine market, obviously, an artist must judiciously combine both technical accuracy and atmospherics. This is difficult and always involves compromise. Lloyd, however, achieves this admirably and this is no doubt a large part of the reason for his popularity.

As with most successful marine artists, Robert Lloyd's output ranges over the full gamut of vessel types and situations. His subjects vary from fishing boats, through OSVs to tankers and cruise liners. His backgrounds vary from Korean shipyards, through North Sea storms to exotic tropical harbours.

Throughout, his work is well illustrated and described in this beautifully produced book, shows a strong affinity for the sea and ships and equally strong links with their souls.

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