Admiralteiskie Verfi launches ice-breaker

Admiralteiskie Verfi has launched the icebreaker ‘Ilya of Murom’ which is being built for the Russian Navy.

‘Ilya of Murom’ is a single-deck multitask vessel designed to support naval forces in icy conditions. The vessel combines the capabilities of sea-going tug, icebreaker and patrol ship and will be used to support of Arctic forces of Russian Navy.

The icebreaker is a diesel-electric ship that can carry 35 crew. It uses fully rotatable mechanical double-screw pod drives and a bow thruster to increase the manoeuvring abilities of the vessel during operations in icy conditions.

The ‘Ilya of Murom’ measures 85 metres long, has a beam of 20 metres, a draught of 6.8 metres and its displacement is 6,000 tonnes. It has an operating range of up to 7,800 nautical miles and can pass through ice up to 1.5 metres thick.