Tuco Marine launches Denmark’s first autonomous workboats

Tuco Marine has launched Denmark’s first commercially available remote controlled and autonomous workboats as a prelude to this week’s international conference on unmanned vessels in Copenhagen.

CEO Jonas Pedersen said Tuco’s collaboration with Sea Machines had resulted in several of its designs - including its nine-metre Arctic workboat, 15-metre ROV support vessel and 11-metre patrol vessel and pulling drone - being delivered with an RC NXT system that makes the vessels autonomous and remote controlled. It makes them self-piloting, increasing productivity and keeping personnel safe from potential harm.

Pedersen said a summer meeting with the Danish Maritime Authority boosted progress when board members casually mentioned it would be great to have an operational vessel ready for the international conference.

“We simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass”, said Mr Pedersen. “Ever since, we have been working determined together with Sea Machines to introduce a demonstrator vessel prior to the conference.”

The tech held potential for increased safety during dangerous operations, efficiency in cleanup of oil spill, hydrographic surveys and other repetitive and time-consuming operations, he said.

The command system provides PLC-based wireless control of the workboat and is well suited for day-vessel operations such as workboats, tugs and launches operating within 1,000 metres of the pilot.

The autonomous navigation system uses vessel-based sensors and proprietary algorithms to give the boat a degree of self-awareness, enabling her to efficiently self-motor from point to point while avoiding active and passive obstacles or collaborate in tandem with another vessel.

Last modified onWednesday, 22 November 2017 16:30

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