AWARDS 2021 | Best Small Harbour Tug – Le Moros – Piriou

Best Small Harbour Tug – Le Moros – Piriou (Photo: GUEGUENIAT)
Best Small Harbour Tug – Le Moros – Piriou (Photo: GUEGUENIAT)

Concarneau, Brittany-based ship builder Piriou needs no introduction here. The globally focused French company builds many fine vessels in its Breton and Vietnamese yards. They range from fishing boats and tugs through OSVs, crewboats, ferries and tourist vessels. They are constructed from steel and aluminium.

This handsome little steel tug is no exception. Built at the company's Vietnamese yard, the 16-metre, 15-tonne bollard pull tug is operating in the South Brittany port of Concarneau.

"The tug is capable of towing operations whether from the rear or alongside, pushing operations, and deep-sea towing from the rear," Piriou told Baird Maritime. "Also, it boasts MLC 2006-compliant crew accommodations on the main deck and a next-generation propulsion system ensuring it stays within IMO Tier III emissions limits."

The builder claims manufacturing and delivery deadlines related to the tug were met despite the lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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