First Damen tug for Ocean

Responding to fleet expansion requirements, Italian towage company Ocean has ordered a Stan Tug 2608 from Damen Shipyards Group. The contract marks Ocean’s first Damen tug purchase. After delivery, scheduled for June 2017, the vessel will be mobilised for harbour towage duties in the port of Monfalcone.

Ocean had previously bought a Stan Pontoon from Damen a couple of years ago and had been satisfied with the performance since then which has led to the company approaching Damen for this order.

Stan Tugs are one of the mainstays of the Damen portfolio. They benefit not only from Damen’s own shipbuilding experience, but also from considerable hands-on feedback from vessel owners and operators from around the world.

Andrew Baird

Experienced geologist and seabed mining entrepreneur, Andrew reviews cutting edge technology from around the world across a wide spectrum of industries, and considers their potential applications in the work boat world.