US scientist invents new eco-friendly shrimp production method

A research scientists from the Texas AgriLife Research centre in Corpus Christi is claiming that his new system of shrimp production yields ten times more than the current US shrimp farm production in outdoor ponds.

The new system is claimed to have achieved a new record in shrimp production through using an environmentally-friendly system with no water exchange throughout the growing cycle.

"This biosecure and sustainable process can be used by producers in this country to supply high-quality, live and/or fresh, never-frozen marketable shrimp on a year-round basis," said Dr Tzachi Samocha.

"The nutrient-rich water used in traditional shrimp farming ponds must be released and replaced periodically. The danger is that the incoming water can introduce harmful pathogens. And the release of the nutrient-rich effluent can contaminate the receiving streams with high levels of nutrients that promote algae blooms. They, in turn, can deplete oxygen an cause fish kills and other negative environmental impacts."

Dr Samocha said that the new system was a greener way to grow shrimp since the water is not released into the environment.

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