Russian shipyard delivers third Pola Rise vessel

On August 8, Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard delivered the third dry cargo vessel of Project RSD59 to Pola Rise.

Pola Sofia was launched by the Sormovskaya shipyard on July 12, 2018. It has successfully passed mooring and sea trials. 

Its sister ships, Palo Makariy and Palo Philothea were delivered in May and July of this year, respectively. At present, the fourth ship, Palo Theodosia, is being prepared for launching on August 17.

A self-propelled dry-cargo single-deck vessel with two cargo holds, the ship is intended for transportation of general and bulk cargoes, packaged lumber, scrap metal, metal in bundles and rolls, large, long and heavy cargoes, coal and dangerous.

The ship is 141 metres long, 16.98 metres wide, with a depth of six metres, deadweight of 7,709 tonnes and 11292m3 cargo capacity.