Dominican Republic confirms great discovery of 1690 shipwreck

The Dominican Republic has confirmed a recent discovery of a shipwreck from the 1690s.

The discovery was made by a joint venture between Marine Exploration and Hispaniola Ventures.

Wilfredo Feliz, Director of the Dominican Republic Ministry of Culture Sub-aquatic Patrimony Office, said that it was the most significant find in Dominican waters since the discovery of Captain Kidd's ship, 'Quedagh Merchant' in 2007.

The objects found include silver coins, jewels, gold jewellery with pearls, a solid gold ring with diamonds, two hand-held bronze cannon, numerous pistols and cannon, a bell from 1693 with the phrase "Soli Deo Gloria", guilt pewter plates, navigation compasses, plumb lines for measuring depth, a pistol, sword sheaths, ornaments, plates, silverware, sword handles, a device to measure the ship's speed, and bronze candlesticks.

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