Call to end media frenzy surrounding anti-whaling controversy

An editorial in The Australian newspaper, dated January 8, 2010, has called for the end to media hysteria spurring on passionate anti-whaling agenda.

"Thanks to a sympathetic media and a common belief in the community that whales should have the same rights as humans, the protesters' propaganda provides the better broadsides.

"But courage and commitment do not give anybody the right to masquerade as martyrs when the people they are harassing refuse to be bullied.

"The Sea Shepherd crew does not deserve such assistance. Whatever the emotional appeal of its anti-whaling advocacy, its behaviour is arrogant and unreasonable… there is no doubting Sea Shepherd has a right to shadow whalers and to denounce their actions by every available means. However, the activists have no authority to interfere with the right of the whalers to sail unimpeded… And it's a bit rich of Sea Shepherd's spokesman to complain when the Japanese defend themselves by firing their water cannon."

The editorial recommended activists to practice diplomacy and debate to end whaling practices.

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