OCIMF releases new study on ship-to-ship transfer operations

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The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has published a new study analysing ship-to-ship (STS) transfers under varying environmental conditions.

The OCIMF said STS transfer operations take place across different geographies and under varying environmental conditions, adding to the complexity and risks associated with such transfers. Despite best efforts, mooring line failures are still a leading cause of incidents, potentially causing harm to people and the environment thus jeopardising the integrity of such transfers.

This information paper, Mooring Load Analysis during Ship to Ship Transfer Operations, aims to support relevant stakeholders in making their own assessments to determine suitable weather criteria and ascertain an appropriate weather window for STS operations.

The study supports KPIs listed under element 5 of the Ship-to-Ship Service Provider Management Self Assessment, 2nd edition (2020). Previous editions of OCIMF’s Ship-to-Ship transfer guide included similar outputs.

The current study used advanced mooring line load simulation technology for enhanced assessment of mooring line loads under varying environmental conditions for a variety of ship-type combinations, including LPG and LNG carriers.

The study is available as free to download information paper on OCIMF’s website here.

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