LNG-fuelled tanker delivered to Terntank


The ‘Ternsund’, a 15,000DWT tanker built in China, has been delivered to Denmark’s Terntank Rederi.

‘Ternsund’ is an IMO Type 2 oil/chemical tanker able to carry nine grades of cargo in 16 different tanks. It will operate in North European waters under charter to a Finnish company.

The vessel is the first of a series of four ships equipped with dual-fuel low-speed engines, the ‘Ternsund’ marks the first installation of the engine. The engine will deliver 5,850kW propelling the 147-metre long vessel to a service speed of 14.5 knots. LNG as fuel is stored on board in two tanks on deck containing 315 cubic metres of LNG each.

In early August the vessel became the first ship to take on LNG as bunker fuel in the port of Rotterdam, qualifying for an LNG bunkering premium equal to a ten per cent reduction in port dues.