Yilport Holdings submits proposal for South Italian terminal concession

The Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea (PNAIS), the managing institution of the Port of Taranto, has expressed a first positive evaluation of Yilport Holding’s proposal concerning the concession of the container terminal of the Port of Taranto.

These terminals in Southern Italy handle container traffic, bulk cargo and serve Ro-Ro traffic. Located as a relay hub for the Mediterranean Sea, the terminals are integrated to intermodal networks, connecting Southern Italy to Northern Italy and finally to the centre of Europe.

 Yilport’s proposal covers developing and revamping the terminal facilities to attract and grow container volume, improve the logistics network and serve general cargo and ro-ro traffic.

Yilport aims to utilise the maximum capacity of Port of Taranto and is targeting to increase the annual cargo volumes rapidly.

The company stated that the volume growth will be supported through significant investments and employment upsurge.

Current annual container handling capacity of the terminal is about two million TEUs with a quayside draft of -16.5 metres. Yilport plans to expand annual handling capacity to over four million TEUs via investments in the next 10 years.