Merchant ship collides with fishing boat, killing at least three

A helicopter involved in the search for the missing 9 fisherman
A helicopter involved in the search for the missing 9 fisherman

On August 7, a collision occurred between an unidentified merchant ship and a fishing boat in Indian waters, leaving three dead, two injured and nine missing.

All 14 were crew members of the fishing boat Oceanic.

A search and rescue mission is under progress with the deployment of three air crafts and three ships by the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. It is also understood that many fishing boats, approximately 40, are also involved in voluntary search operations.

This accident occurred off Chettuva, Kerala in the West Coast of India. An investigation was launched to determine the identity of the merchant vessel.

Two vessels were found to be in close proximity of the reported casualty and have been advised to not leave Indian waters. The possible involvement of two more merchant vessels has not been ruled out at this stage, since position and time of the incident needs to be confirmed.

The investigation team from DG Shipping has started the process of inquiry and is constantly coordinating with other agencies, including the Indian Navy, the Indian Coast Guard, Coastal Police and the Kerala State Government.

Two teams of professional investigators from Kochi and Mumbai have been engaged inspect the suspected vessels for corroborating evidence.