Three killed after crane falls on cargo ship in Pontianak

Bistari 8 (Photo:

Three dock workers were killed after a crane fell on a cargo ship in Pontianak, Indonesia, on Thursday, April 4.

The incident occurred as a cargo of iron plates was being unloaded from the Indonesian-flagged vessel Bistari 8.

One of the dockyard cranes being used to unload the iron broke and fell as it was reportedly trying to lift a heavier than usual weight.

Two dock workers were killed instantly as the crane crashed onto the ship’s deck. A third worker suffered serious injuries and was rushed to hospital but was declared dead the following morning.

Pontianak City Police investigators later determined that the collapsed crane was already showing advanced signs of wear and was therefore already in poor condition at the time of the incident.

The ship’s captain and crew and the crane operator are among those who will be investigated in connection with the mishap.

A local police official said that those responsible will face charges of negligence resulting in death of another person, with each charge having a corresponding prison sentence of up to five years.

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