Höegh Autoliners’ future ships will be world’s largest car carriers

Photo: Höegh Autoliners

Deltamarin has been selected to design a new series of car carriers for Norway’s Höegh Autoliners.

Deltamarin said the vessels will each be capable of transporting up to 9,100 CEUs, making them the largest car carriers in the world.

The ships’ vehicle decks will also be designed for the transport of project cargo, such as wind turbine blades, should the need arise.

Each vessel in the series will be powered by a multi-fuel engine that can run on various biofuel and conventional fuels, including LNG. Deltamarin said that, with minor modifications, it can transition to use future zero-carbon fuels including ammonia.

Höegh Autoliners CEO Andreas Enger said the first vessel in the series has a target delivery date of late 2023.

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