Livestock carrier laden with over 16,000 sheep capsizes in northeastern Sudan

Al Badri 1 (Photo: malek)

A livestock carrier with a cargo of over 16,000 sheep bound for Saudi Arabia capsized in northeastern Sudan on Sunday, June 12.

The 80-metre Al Badri 1 listed by over 45 degrees to starboard and then capsized shortly before it was scheduled to depart the Red Sea port of Suakin in the early morning (local time) of Sunday.

Sudanese officials said the vessel’s crew all safely disembarked. However, only around 700 sheep were able to escape.

The vessel lies partially submerged at its berth, hindering operations at the port pending its removal.

A port official suggested that the capsizing may have been caused by overloading and improper distribution of the vessel’s live cargo.

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