Consortium designs LNG-fuelled Kamsarmax carrier

Arista Shipping, Deltamarin, GTT and ABS have partnered to develop a dry bulk carrier design that employs LNG as fuel, the ‘Deltamarin B.Delta 82’.

The concept design has been released as part of the “Project Forward” joint development project (JDP).

The project is aimed at the first LNG-fueled cargoship capable of full-range operations. The partners are developing a Kamsarmax bulk carrier design to be operational for worldwide services.

“The long-term potential for LNG as a marine fuel is tremendous,” said ABS Vice President of Global Gas Solutions Patrick Janssens. “We see the near-term opportunities for larger vessels on fixed and known trade routes, but more opportunities will emerge as concepts mature and bunkering infrastructure expands. Environmental stewardship will continue to be a concern, and owners will be evaluating alternative fuel choices.”

Technical challenges in developing the design included finding space for the large volume of LNG required – around 2,500 cubic metres for 40 days of operation.

The design, uses a GTT membrane LNG fuel tank. This design also could be applied to other bulk carrier sizes and serve as the basis for an LNG-fueled tanker.