Crewman killed in container mishap on Russian ship

Tiksy (Photo: Lobusov)

One person has died of injuries he suffered when a cargo container fell onto the deck of a vessel while underway in the Barents Sea on Friday, December 31.

The incident occurred in the early morning (local time) of Friday as the Russian-flagged Tiksy was just off the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago in the Russian Arctic.

The vessel had earlier left the port of Dudinka and had a final destination of Arkhangelsk over 1,600 nautical miles away.

Rough weather and sea conditions at the time caused the containers stacked on the vessel’s deck to become unstable and begin to shift.

The crew then immediately went to work securing the containers. However, one container slipped loose and fell to the deck and onto one of the crewmen, crushing him.

The victim, who has been identified as the bosun, died almost instantly.

Tiksy is continuing to sail for Arkhangelsk as confirmed by its most recent AIS track as of Sunday, January 2.

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