Royal Navy christens sixth Astute-class submarine

Photo: Royal Navy
Photo: Royal Navy

The UK Royal Navy formally named its sixth Astute-class nuclear-powered submarine in a ceremony on Tuesday, April 23.

The future HMS Agamemnon is under construction at BAE Systems' Barrow-in-Furness facilities. It is the sixth Royal Navy vessel to bear the name.

Once completed, the submarine will have a length of 97 metres, a hull diameter of 11.3 metres, a submerged displacement of over 7,400 tonnes, and a maximum speed of 30 knots. Armament will include up to 38 Spearfish torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

As with its Astute-class sister boats, the future Agamemnon will be capable of missions ranging from task force protection to long-range strikes and intelligence gathering.

It will also be capable of circumnavigating the globe while submerged, producing its own oxygen and drinking water.

Work will continue on the submarine head of its being rolled out of the dock hall and carefully lowered into the adjacent basin for the first time.

The Astute-class will replace the navy's 1980s-era Trafalgar-class boats.

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