VESSEL REVIEW | Kalkgrund & Stollergrund – Survey and weapons test support boats for German Navy

Kalkgrund (Photo: rainville)
Kalkgrund (Photo: rainville)

The German Navy recently took delivery of two new survey and weapons test support vessels from German shipyard Fassmer.

Named after two shoals off the town of Flensburg and the city of Kiel, Kalkgrund and Stollergrund were designed to perform diverse roles such as coastal survey, marine research, dive support, escort for submarines during shallow water tests, and protection and recovery of torpedoes as part of weapons trials. The newbuilds will also be equipped to serve as motherships for autonomous underwater vehicles.

Kalkgrund <em>(Photo: rainville)</em>
Kalkgrund (Photo: rainville)

The vessels each have an LOA of 51.7 metres, a beam of 10.2 metres, a draught of 3.65 metres, space for 23 crewmembers and other personnel, and a diesel-electric propulsion setup that includes two 1,580kW main engines driving Schottel rudder propellers. The propulsion will enable the vessels to reach a top speed of 13 knots even under Sea State four conditions.

The key equipment on each survey vessel includes a DP2 system, a moonpool, an offshore crane, and stern gallows. Each vessel's aft working deck provides a large, unobstructed space for carrying various payloads such as two 20-foot containers.

Construction of the hulls was undertaken at Western Baltija Shipbuilding in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The vessels were later transferred to Fassmer's Berne facilities for completion. Following their official introduction into service, the vessels will be operated primarily in the North and Baltic Seas.

Kalkgrund and Stollergrund will replace three earlier test and support vessels including one that had been in service for 55 years.

Kalkgrund & Stollergrund
Type of vessel:Survey/Weapons test support boats
Owner:German Navy
Builders:Fassmer, Germany; Western Baltija Shipbuilding, Lithuania
Length overall:51.7 metres
Beam:10.2 metres
Draught:3.65 metres
Main engines:2 x 1,580 kW
Propulsion:2 x Schottel rudder propellers
Maximum speed:13 knots
Dynamic positioning:DP2
Other equipment installed:Moonpool
Type of fuel:Diesel
Operational areas:North Sea; Baltic Sea

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