VESSEL REVIEW | Oshima Maru – Japanese training ship with secondary survey and disaster response functions

Photo: tanaka
Photo: tanaka

Japan's Mitsubishi Shipbuilding has delivered a new large training vessel to compatriot owner Oshima National College of Maritime Technology.

Oshima Maru is the second training vessel to be built by Mitsubishi for the same customer. In addition to providing practical training in ocean navigation, the ship will also be equipped for conducting operational and marine surveys. It can also operate as a support vessel during disaster response operations, transporting relief supplies, supplying water and electricity in affected areas, and providing accommodations for displaced residents.


The vessel has an LOA of 56.3 metres, a beam of 11 metres, a draught of 3.4 metres, a depth of 5.8 metres, and a gross tonnage of 370. The onboard spaces for the 60 crewmembers and additional personnel include compartments that are exclusively for female students. Other facilities will include a medical bay and a multipurpose toilet.

The propulsion system consists of diesel generators and lithium-ion batteries that will be operated in parallel for more efficient sailings at speeds of up to 12.5 knots. When operating close to shore, the vessel will run exclusively on battery power to minimise its environmental impact. This also reduces the levels of noise and vibration to ensure a more comfortable living environment for the occupants.

The electronics suite meanwhile includes radars supplied by Furuno.

Oshima Maru is the fourth training vessel to be acquired by the same owner. It replaces a similarly named Mitsubishi-built vessel that was completed in 1993.

Oshima Maru
Type of vessel:Training vessel
Owner:Oshima National College of Maritime Technology, Japan
Builder:Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, Japan
Length overall:56.3 metres
Beam:11 metres
Draught:3.4 metres
Depth:5.8 metres
Gross tonnage:370
Maximum speed:12.5 knots
Type of fuel:Diesel
Accommodation:Medical bay; toilets; classrooms

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